Expose Integrated Composer / Container Logs in Dashboard [JIRA UXD -154]

It would be great if the logs and any other output from building multidev containers, running integrated composer etc. . . could be added somewhere in the dashboard.

As it is now, we are blind to build issues from integrated composer. I have had great success with getting these logs when I have run into issues, but it does require me to engage Pantheon support – which takes time.

Being able to skip that step and see the output directly would allow me to look into issues more quickly. It would also be beneficial to Pantheon’s support staff as I’m sure they would receive fewer requests for small things.

Hey Curtis! :wave:

Thanks for providing this feedback! I just passed this along to our dashboard modernization team who whos these kinds of requests :slight_smile: I am going to provide you with the JIRA ticket shortly so you can keep an eye on this request. And then of course if I hear anything I will make sure to reach back out with a status update. If the team would like to chat with you further, is it okay to connect you?

Keep the feedback rolling!